A Patient Journey
Miscarriage to IVF to Baby
Imagine.  I learned I was pregnant (naturally) and then miscarry – twins.  My period did not return so I visited my OB/GYN who directed me to a REI.  Then, another blow - low AMH & HSG revealed blocked tubes.  IVF was recommended as the best option a given my desire for multiple children.  Ultimately, we froze embryos to allow for that.
Four procedures
The first IVF led to successful embryo freezing.  The second IVF cycle was a fresh embryo transfer, leading to a successful pregnancy.  
Then another blow – miscarriage – one year after the first. 
The third IVF cycle was cancelled due to poor endometrial lining.
The fourth IVF cycle was also cancelled due to fluid accumulation, leading to endometrial biopsy. 
One last try
It took another month to heal and then it was the last try as I could not do it anymore.  I could not believe it.  I was pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy.
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