Lube and Your Vaginal Health: Suzanne Munson Interview

Podcast (Transcript Below)


Georgie Kovacs, founder of Fempower Health, interviews Suzanne Munson. She is the VP of Product Development and Compliance at Fairhaven Health.

Georgie: thanks for being here.

Suzanne: thanks for all the work you’re doing to promote women’s health!

Georgie: unfortunately, women aren’t taught much about their bodies. We often encounter pain and then just “suck it up.” I want to dispel some of those myths. Let’s talk about the basics of having a healthy vagina, so we can understand a normal (even a “personalized normal”) and what that should be like.

Suzanne: looking at medical textbooks and information about reproductive health, we know that a healthy vagina will be at pH 4 and have healthy bacteria present. These are hard to objectively measure at home. Not many of us have pH strips readily available. It’s often easier to identify an unhealthy vagina: painful intercourse, itchiness, odo