CBD and Women's Health

Chloe Weber is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist recently finishing her doctorate. She was inspired to create Radical Roots Herbs both because of her direct experience with rare conditions for both her and her son, Remy. We discuss the science, how CBD benefits women's health, and how to ensure you have a high quality product.

Georgie Kovacs: Tell us your background and how you came to found Radical Roots.

Chloe Weber 01:42

So I'm an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I actually just finished my doctorate, but I've been practicing for about eight years now. And my focus has always been on Chinese herbs. While I absolutely love acupuncture, I still have that Western mind that really appreciates that with the Chinese herbs, you can look up all the pharmacological actions of them. So that's something that really called to me. To me, it's really customizable pharmaceuticals for my patients, for myself, and now also for my son, who is almost seven now, which I absolutely cannot believe.

And Remy was diagnosed at two and a half with a super rare genetic disorder called STXBP1. There's about 300 or 400 kids in the world with it. It's impressively challenging and includes epilepsy, his nonverbal, non-ambulatory Parkinsonian-like tremors, and cognitive disabilities. The whole nine. And before anybody feels bad for me, let me tell you. He is the happiest human being I've ever met. He is 1,000% living his best life. And he is the greatest teacher and blessing that I will ever have the honor of knowing.