Dr. Tamer Seckin | Endometriosis: Why Women are Dismissed and What They Should Do

Podcast (Transcript Below)


Georgie Kovacs, Fempower Health founder, interviews world-renowned endometriosis surgeon, Dr. Tamer Seckin.

Georgie Kovacs: tell us about your background.

Dr. Seckin: I’m an OB GYN and a gynecological surgeon. I’ve been professionally in practice almost 35 years. I’m in private practice and faculty at Zucker School of Medicine. I’m an associate professor in OB GYN. My focus is exclusively endometriosis. More than 25 years, I’ve been exclusively focused on this area. It has been a passion, obsession, addiction to this disease due to its challenge and complexity. It called and invited me to battle it, along with my patients. Gradually, women gain the ability to win more battles. I felt strongly that I could serve women well this way. There’s no cookbook recipe for the outcome of an endometriosis patient. Every patient is different and the disease is separately different. As a surgeon, I do the best I can.

Georgie: I must disclose why I wanted to interview Dr. Seckin. For three years, I had been told that I had unexplained fertility. The late Dr. Braverman did tests and said that I may have silent endometriosis. He said that the only way to actually know if I have this is to have the laparoscopic surgery and said I must go to Dr