Lessons from my Fertility Journey: 5 Steps Toward a Healthier You

A month following my honeymoon, my OB GYN drew blood during a routine visit, where I soon learned that my newlywed stage of intimacy would quickly turn into 4 years of timing and scheduling my entire life. However, aside from my son, one good thing came out of my fertility journey – my full-on health transformation that continues through today.

What happened and what takeaways may help you become a healthier version of yourself?

During the first three years of my journey, the health-related suggestions were fairly basic:

· Take a prenatal

· Limit caffeine intake

· Limit alcohol consumption

· Eat full-fat foods

· Limit intense exercise

On top of this were the various protocols across the eventual 10 REIs I visited over the course of that time. One suggested taking DHEA was the way to go. Another suggested it was all about the thyroid, until I went to another specialist who validated that my thyroid function was fine. The last REI suggested that I had endometriosis and underlying immune conditions