Struggling to Conceive? 8 Ways to Support you in Your Fertility Journey

I started my fertility journey in 2010, just after I got married. While I did not hide my struggles, I did not exactly broadcast them either. Instead, I found an almost secret society. It came by way of making a random comment, getting an interesting look from a colleague or client, and then we knew. We knew we were both either currently struggling or had struggled in the past with fertility. We built an instant bond!

Today, for those struggling to conceive, the available resources have exploded. Now, one is almost dealing with too much information to sift through! Unfortunately, even with the vast number of resources, many struggling with infertility feel more comfortable isolating. However, while isolation may feel safe, it may end up leading to a worse situation – depression and anxiety, as shared by Pam Kelberg, LCSW, Licensed Sex Therapist.

Struggling with infertility, which affects 7 million Americans, is as distressing as being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, or HIV. Infertility is such a difficult diagnosis, especially when people are on social media posting about their kids and pregnancies and then you find out “everyone” around you is pregnant, the automatic response is to isolate.

The good news is there are many trusted ways to find your tribe so that you don’t feel alone. Additionally, these groups provide you a place to be honest, hear from people like you and yes, vent/scream/cry…or even sit and listen.

We’ve summarized eight avenues for support.