Interview With Nicole Kruck on Uterine and Vaginal Health

Nicole Kruck is a licensed massage therapist and practices Oriental medicine. She works with women to improve health, especially in the uterus and vagina. This interview details how women can make lifestyle changes and pursue alternative treatments to improve uterine health.

Georgie Kovacs 01:45

Yes. Today it is all things uterus. Start with your background and why it is you know so much about the woman's uterus.

Nicole Kruck 01:57

I started this journey professionally about 23 years ago, I'm a licensed massage therapist and Oriental medicine practitioner. I started getting involved in this work due to my own issues. I had a tipped uterus that I found out about when I was 20. And when I asked my doctor what that meant, what I could do about it, she said, "Well, basically you could have issues with your periods. You could have painful periods.. You could have issues with fertility down the road, painful intercourse." And when I heard her, I was floored because I had no idea and I said, "What could I do about it?" She said I could either have a hysterectomy or ride it out through menopause. That started my journey into women's health. I knew that there had to be something that could help me and probably many other women. When I was a kid, I had a big fall off of a slide on my back. I had been in many car accidents, just a lot of injuries to my lower body. I found out later on that that's what led to my uterus probably being tipped.

Nicole Kruck 03:23