Managing Menopause Symptoms with Dr Carissa Alinat

In acknowledgement of Menopause Month, Dr. Carissa, author of The Menopause Switch, is a Functional Medicine practitioner and an expert in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and weight loss. She runs a busy clinic in Tampa Bay, Florida, and has helped thousands of patients reach their wellness goals.


Georgie Kovacs  02:11

Finally, I'm seeing people talking about menopause. And it's really nice to see that you've developed content and focus on this area for women. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into focusing on menopause.

Dr Carissa  02:26

I'm a nurse practitioner, I also have a clinic in the Tampa Bay, Florida area that has a kind of a functional medicine approach towards menopause. I've been really interested in hormones for a while. It sparked my interest just based on some personal issues that I was going through. So that pushed me towards this and some female related issues that run in my family. Both my mother and my grandmother had a hysterectomy in their 20s. I did notice that I had some of the same issues that they had before they had their hysterectomy, such as fibroids, fibrocystic, breasts, things like