Tracking Your Hormones: Interview With Sylvia Kang from Mira

Podcast (Transcript Below)


Georgie Kovacs, founder of Fempower Health, interviews Sylvia Kang, biomedical engineer and co-founder/CEO of Mira.

Georgie: before the discussion we’re going to have about hormones, I thought we could start with your background and how you became interested in women’s health.

Sylvia Kang: I’m the co-founder of Mira. My background is a master’s in biomedical engineering from Columbia and a degree from Cornell. I have so many friends like me. We are women, have advanced careers and tend to pursue motherhood later in life. Because of our advanced maternal age, we encountered limited information about women’s bodies during this season. When you get to the point where you want to begin to have a child and see no results, even doctors may not give you answers about what’s wrong. Eventually, you end up doing IVF.

I look at this situation and see a gap. If we could have a tool to help us know our bodies better and be more aware, we can be more mindful about what’s going on and make important decisions. These decisions can be more educated and happen before it’s too late. This gives the woman much more control and helps monitor their expectations about how long it could take.

I work with partners and we responded to this opportunity.