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It is my passion to spread the word about that which impacts women and their health.  It is one way to create transformation. Scroll to learn more about my being a podcast guest, guest blogger, moderator at conferences, and interviewed for various media outlets.
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Watch Georgie being interviewed about the impact of endometriosis .  A powerful piece on this disease's impact on 1 in 10 women in the US.
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Leveraging information gleaned from experts on the Fempower Health Podcast, Georgie shares tips on better sleep for women over 40.
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Read Georgie's story, her mission with Fempower Health and why our survey isn't just any old survey.
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Learn about silent endometriosis, how it may impact your fertility, and key points medical experts want you to know about this disease impacting so many women.
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Tips for Successfully Navigating Endometriosis. A guest post for OOVA.
Implantation Spotting vs. Your Period.  A guest post for Proov.
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Georgie shares her story with Nina Boyce and why being empowered is so important for women when managing their health.
Three Tips for Optimizing your Cycle Tracking.  A guest post for OvuSense.
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Listen to Georgie speak about her experience with infertility, what she learned about "the system," and the hopes she has for the future.
Interviewed by Sarah Clark, Georgie shares what questions you should ask your doctor (and yourself) when trying to conceive (TTC).
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