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Share My Story
If you’d like to submit your story for use on the show, please record it and click the button below to email it to


Find a quiet room and open a recording app on your phone. (Here are tips on how to record yourself properly.)

Speaking in full sentences, please tell us your health story and how you were able to overcome It, including how your healthcare provider helped. No need to write down your story and read it from paper— speaking conversationally is best. A recording of 5-10 minutes is plenty. Your story should include (but does not need to be limited to): 

  • Your full name and where you’re from. 

  • The full name of your Healthcare Provider, if you remember it.

  • The health issue you faced.

  • A description of your health journey. Paint us a picture.

  • A particular moment or event or healthcare provider that made a positive impact in health journey. Tell us as much about that event as you can remember — what the scene was like, and what emotions you felt.

  • Did you have a chance to thank them?

  • If they were standing in front of you right now, what would you say?

  • How does this person continue to impact you and your life?

NOTE:  We can edit out any personal information that identifies you, specifically.  We just want to be sure we know how to be in touch with you!

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