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We Asked, You Answered
Women have generously begun to share their experiences. Scroll to learn what they had to say. This is just the beginning. #FempowerHealthSurvey
Your Period
Situation:  Reproductive Health Tracking Apps ask you to enter your period flow each day of your cycle, yet women are not taught what a normal period is.
So We Asked:  What basis do you use to determine if your period is heavy, medium or light? 
Period Flow 15April2020.png
PCOS Diagnosis
the average number of doctors you saw in order to be diagnosed
of you took over 4 years of doctor visits to be diagnosed
Most common changes you made to treat your PCOS
You found it either effective or very ineffective but most are likely to recommend it
Keto Diet
70% of you found it effective or very effective
8-hr Eating Window
50% of you recommend it but agree it is difficult to follow
Reduced Carbs
All of you recommended 
reducing carbs
Did PCOS Impact You Trying to Conceive?
YES!  Whether you are trying to conceive or have a child, each of you stated PCOS impacted your ability to get pregnant.
What do you want doctors to know?
"Look for signs that point to PCOS, instead of brushing people off and telling them they are just overweight."
-Jaymie B

We hope you enjoyed a sampling of survey results

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