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Navigating the Healthcare System is Tough
And It's Tougher for Women
10-minute Doctor Appointments.
Most Healthcare Research is Based on Cis-Male Anatomy.
Women Aren't Taught What We Need to Know About our Bodies.
And We Are Busy Taking Care of Others.
Fempower Health is here for you.
What People Say about Fempower Health
“Your content is next level and is helping me be even more effective with the women who walk through my door.  I wasn't taught this important information in school."
- Nurse Practitioner
"I've binged on so many episodes, and it has blown my mind, helping connect the dots to issues I thought were separate, but now I see they are all connected!  I'm now armed and ready to more successfully explain to my providers the issues that have plagued me for 20+ years.  Thank you."
- Kaci
"This is by far the best interview I've done.  And I really appreciate how much you prepared for this discussion."
- Podcast Interviewee
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About the Founder

I'm a mom, healthcare consultant, and women's health podcast host.  After a 4 year struggle with infertility, I was fed up with how long it took to figure out why I could not get pregnant.  I work in healthcare after all! 


Originally, I wanted to build something focused on helping women struggling to conceive.  During my research, I realized no one was talking about root cause.  This was not a fertility problem alone.

One theme was clear.  There are experts, but they are hard to find.  There is information online, but it is difficult to determine fact from fiction.  Influencers help, but much of what they share is based on myth.

Fempower Health connects women's health experts via the podcast.

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Fempower Health Is Here for You
Every Woman Deserves to Know How Her Body Works &
Have Tools to Answer Her Health Questions
Listen to expert interviews on the podcast.  We cover key background information on the condition, why it is a challenge, and recommended ways to improve your situation.
Find more detailed resources to help you on your journey.  Check out our blog, find a doctor page, and resources by condition. Can't find a resource?  Send an email!
Topics at a Glance
Listen as top experts get real about often hard-to-discuss women's health topics on the Fempower Health Podcast.

General Health

Menstrual Cycle
Pelvic Floor
Perimenopause & Menopause
Sexual Health
Uterine Health


Cancer Impacting Women
Thyroid Disease
Urinary Incontinence
Podcast Topic
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Women's Health
Needs More Focus

“Women’s symptoms are not taken seriously because medicine doesn’t know as much about their bodies and health problems. And medicine doesn’t know as much about their bodies and health problems because it doesn’t take their symptoms seriously.”

—  Maya Dusenbery, Author of Doing Harm
Latest Podcast Episode
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Latest Podcast Episodes
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