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The Fempower Health Podcast Topics

Top experts get real about often hard-to-discuss women's health topics.

General Health

Menstrual Cycle
Pelvic Floor
Perimenopause & Menopause
Sexual Health
Uterine Health


Cancer Impacting Women
Thyroid Disease
Urinary Incontinence

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Women’s health is simply not as understood as it should be - by medical professionals AND women.  It is my mission to educate women on information they should know but don't and ultimately have informed conversations with their clinicians.

Speaking & Moderating

With a science background, career in healthcare & consulting, & as an endometriosis & infertility patient, I bring a unique perspective to women's health. 

Topics I cover include:
  • Navigating the healthcare system to make the most out of your doctor appointments
  • Endometriosis:  Patient tips for navigating a challenging condition
  • Infertility:  What I wish I knew in my journey
  • Women's health trends and industry gaps