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Hormones Menstrual Health

Hormones & Menstrual Health

Dive into Fempower Health’s expert interviews, practical advice, and empowering discussions for optimal reproductive health and hormonal balance. Explore insights on PMS, menstrual health imbalances, and irregularities. Develop strategies and gain self-care practices.

Menstrual Health: Know the Facts

What’s “Normal”?

For adults, a healthy menstrual cycle begins every 21 to 35 days.

Prevalence of Period Pain

Some pain and discomfort during your period is common, but severe pelvic pain is reason for concern — especially if it gets worse over time.


Heavy Flow?

Changing your tampon or pad every 1-2 hours, or periods that last more than 7 days, is considered “heavy bleeding.” Talk to your doctor or OB-GYN about this.


Women’s Hormones Throughout the Month

The menstrual cycle is regulated by a complex interaction of hormones: luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and the female sex hormones estrogen & progesterone. And yes, like men, women have and need testosterone —  just not as much.


Everyday Chemicals Can Affect Your Hormones

Synthetic and natural chemicals in food, water, personal-care products, and the environment can enter our bodies and mimic or disrupt hormones, sometimes keeping them from doing their jobs.

"It's crucial to understand that hormone imbalance is often a symptom of an underlying issue. By identifying and addressing the root cause, we can achieve long-term balance and overall wellness."

Expert Interviews

Balancing Hormones, Empowering Menstrual Health: Expert Insights

Explore the Fempower Health Podcast playlist on hormones and menstrual care, featuring expert interviews, practical advice, and empowering discussions. Learn how to balance hormones, ways to manage PMS, signs of hormonal imbalances, menstrual cycle irregularities, and how you can optimize your reproductive health. Empower yourself with knowledge, self-care practices, and holistic well-being. Tune in now and embrace hormonal balance and menstrual health with confidence.

The Hormones & Menstrual Health Bookshop

Unlock your potential with Fempower Health's empowering book recommendations on women's hormones and menstrual cycles. Boost reproductive health at any age and understand your body better. Shop now!


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Understand the role of hormones and what a healthy menstrual cycle means through Fempower Health's insightful blog.

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