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Female Cancer

Female Cancer

Empowering women in the fight against cancer. Explore Fempower Health’s resources on the latest science, inspiration, and innovations in female cancer care.

The Most Common Female Cancers

According to the American Cancer Society, the types of cancers that most often affect women include breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, and ovarian cancer. Knowing about the most common female cancers — including what you can do to help prevent them or discover them in early stages while they’re still treatable — may help save a life. Equip yourself and the women you know with the important education available on female-related cancer and support.

“The next generation really relies on us to participate in these crowd-based models if we’re ever going to move away from 1 in 8 women getting breast cancer. Whatever is possible to be prevented should be prevented. But prevention isn’t going to happen only using the technologies that we’ve been using in the past.”

- Dr. Brigitte Piniewski

Expert Interviews

Explore the Fempower Health Podcast playlist dedicated to female cancer, featuring inspiring and informative episodes from top experts.

Join us as we cover various types of cancer affecting women, early detection, treatment options, innovations, and supportive resources. Learn the facts about breast cancer (the most common female cancer), hear empowering stories of survival from women with cancer, and help spread the awareness. Tune in now and join the fight against female cancer.

The Female Cancer Bookshop

Facing cancer can be frightening, but the Fempower Health community is here to support you. Explore our book recommendations offering understanding, guidance, and empowering resources.

Resources on Female Cancer

Test Your Knowledge of Ovarian Cancer

by Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance


Gynecologic Cancer Specialists

by Foundations for Women's Cancer


Cancer Support Programs

by the American Cancer Society


Cancer Risks and Prevention for Women

by the American Cancer Society



Read the latest insights and must-know education about common Female Cancer. Explore the Fempower Health blog for vital information, research, and inspiring stories. We discuss everything from breast cancer prevention, to ovarian cancer risks, and even hear from specialists helping women with cervical cancer. We also discuss supporting and coping with the impact of cancer.

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