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About Fempower Health

As the founder, I want you to know I am personally vested in changing women's health.  My passion went into overdrive during my fertility journey, where I advocated in DC and Albany, NY (pictured here).  Since then, I have learned the issues extend to all women's health.  I am here for each of you!

One Woman's Health: Georgie's Story

Who knew that discovering a paper I wrote in 1992 about the FDA mandating women be included in clinical trials was only the beginning of what would become my lifelong passion for women's health.  I spent the next 20+ years trying to figure out how I could achieve my dream of a making an impact - a big one.  At the age of 35, I was thrown into a heart wrenching path down a 4-year infertility journey and then secondary infertility.  Even with a career in healthcare, I was stunned by the process.  It was overwhelming, chaotic, impossible to understand why answers were so unclear and opinions varied.  I won't lie.  I was angry!

Once I recovered from it all, I dug into the issues, and I knew that if I could bring to the forefront information hidden from women just starting out and more known by those who have been on this path a long time, the journey may shorten.  The pain may be less.  Women would be empowered.  

As I dug into the data and women's stories, saw a theme and realized - this is not a problem with infertility.  It is a problem with women's health.  Being dismissed by doctors.  Taking years to find answers.  Shame. Lack of answers.  Diving into Google rabbit holes.  I also found, if you know where to dig, the answers are there - but rarely are they a quick fix.

It is for this reason that I created the podcast.  The Fempower Health Podcast is answering women's health questions.  I ask hard questions of my guests.  As a result, I help educate women on finding solutions for  symptoms, conditions, life stages, but I also empower them.  

Learn About Women's Health
The goal of Fempower Health is to provide a safe and trusted place to answer health questions you did not even know you had. There are many ways that Fempower Health can provide information answering your health questions and resources to help you on your journey.
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