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As the founder, I want you to know I am personally vested in changing women's health.  My passion went into overdrive during my fertility journey, where I advocated in DC and Albany, NY (pictured here).  Since then, I have learned the issues extend to all women's health.  We are here for each of you!

One Woman's Health: Our Founder's Story

I have been on my own fertility journey since October 2010, when during a routine OB/GYN visit, I was told I needed to see a fertility doctor based on a recent blood workup. After 3 years of working with 10 of the best reproductive endocrinologists (REI’s) in the country, spending thousands on IUI’s and IVF’s, and dealing with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, I finally received an actual diagnosis - endometriosis and immunological factors contributing to my infertility.

The diagnosis thrilled me, yet the future was still unclear. Given I was asymptomatic, questions remained about the stage of endometriosis I had.  However, laparoscopic surgery was the only way to know what was going on, and given it was cheaper than doing another IVF, I went for it. Yes, I had endometriosis.

I stopped eating foods containing gluten and dairy and proceeded with my last IVF using an immune protocol. It was scary because, at the time, few believed in such a protocol. However, it was more unique than any other protocols to date, none of them worked, so why not? I had the best response in all four years - 7 eggs, 6 fertilized, 5 matured. I got pregnant and on September 7, 2015, I delivered my baby boy at the age of 41.

My journey did not end there as I have tried to figure out both how I might have another baby in my 40’s and more importantly, how I can use my learnings to help other women. I made many poor decisions along the way because I was learning as I went.

While it thrills me to see scientific advances and openness from those who have been on this journey, there is still a long way to go when it comes to access – to the right information at the right time and the ability to afford proper care.  Additionally, little data exists about women's reproductive health  and how to properly diagnose and treat these conditions, leaving women to suffer in silence or hop from doctor to doctor until someone listens and takes proper action.  Fempower Health will transform this.

My passion for women’s health was sparked by the 1992 FDA ruling that women must partake in clinical trials. My fertility journey led me to being an advocate and entrepreneur.  It is my honor to use this passion to serve each of you.

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