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As the founder, I want you to know I am personally vested in changing women's health.  My passion went into overdrive during my fertility journey, where I advocated in DC and Albany, NY (pictured here).  Since then, I have learned the issues extend to all women's health.  We are here for each of you!

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The goal of Fempower Health is to provide a safe place. There are many ways that Fempower Health can provide fertility information and resources to help you on your journey.
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Most importantly, take the survey. We believe that gathering data on a large-scale will get the attention of fertility doctors and other people in medical research for women's health issues. If you have been frustrated by the lack of answers and want better options for medical treatment, you need to join us. This is the cause to put your voice behind. As women, we have advocated for our own health for a long time. If we join together, we can get better resources, better answers and a clear path forward for whatever medical issues we are facing.
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