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Trying to Conceive Fertilty

Fertility/Trying to Conceive

Navigating the path to parenthood. Discover Fempower Health’s resources to navigate the ups and downs of trying to conceive whether you are just starting out or are struggling with infertility.

Trying to Conceive?

Infertility Around
the World

The World Health Organization found that globally, 1 in 6 adults are impacted by infertility.

Female Infertility
in the U.S.

According to the CDC, 1 in 7 women in the United States (ages 15-49) have trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant to term.

Infertility Treatments Today

As of 2021, about 2.3% of infants born in the United States every year are conceived through assisted reproductive technology (ART).

SOURCE:  CDC (2021)

“Whether you're trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy, or understand what's going on, don't get frustrated with your body. Take a moment to understand what's actually happening. Our bodies are designed to do certain things. You just need to crack that code.”

- Amy Divaraniya, OOVA co-founder

Expert Interviews

Navigating Fertility Struggles: Fertility Support for Her

Check out the Fempower Health Podcast episodes with expert interviews on all things fertility and trying to conceive (TTC). Gain insights on fertility treatments, infertility emotional support, lifestyle factors, and empowering strategies for conception. Find solace, guidance, and hope in this supportive space. Tune in now and embrace the path to parenthood with strength and resilience.

The Fertility Bookshop

Empower your fertility journey with Fempower Health's book recommendations. Read the latest fertility insights and gain infertility support for overcoming infertility challenges. Shop now!


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When trying to conceive or struggling with your fertility, you shouldn't feel alone. Find comfort and support in these educational resources from Fempower Health.

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