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Gut and Vaginal Microbiome

Dive into the intricate world of gut and vaginal microbiomes with Fempower Health. Discover expert advice, evidence-based insights, and practical tips for a harmonious microbial environment.

The Microbiome Matters More Than you Think

You’ve likely heard of your gut microbiome and how to keep it healthy. But what about your vaginal microbiome?

Yes, it’s real — and it’s just as important as your gut health! Dive into the science of your body’s microbial environment with Fempower Health. Learn the interconnection, evidence-based insights, and practical tips to maintain your body’s microbiome.

Fun Facts: Your Gut and Vaginal Microbiome

In women, there’s an important connection between vaginal microbiome and gut microbiome. Both influence your health.

Pathogens in the gut can affect the vagina, potentially contributing to vaginal dysbiosis (VD), when healthy bacteria is reduced. Taking care of your gut can help maintain vaginal health.

When lactobacilli (the main bacteria in the vagina) lose their predominance in the vagina, it can increase the risk of developing bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis or recurrent urinary tract infections.

“The body has a language. It’s trying to communicate. Get curious. What is your body trying to tell you?”

- Dr. Edison de Mello

Expert Interviews

Unlocking Microbiome Secrets: Vaginal & Gut Health Insights

Explore the Fempower Health Podcast playlist on vaginal and gut microbiome, featuring expert interviews, practical advice, and empowering discussions. Discover the importance of microbiome balance, intimate care, gut health, and overall well-being. We cover topics including natural remedies, gut microbiome and mental health, personal care products, self-care practices, and nutrition. Tune in now and nurture your microbiome for optimal health and vitality.

The General Health and Nutrition Bookshop

Unlock the power of vaginal microbiome, gut health, and nutrition with Fempower Health's book recommendations. Transform your well-being from the inside-out with education on food, lifestyle, gut microbiome testing, clean products, and other important ways to empower your own microbiome. Shop the bookshelf to learn more!


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