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Discover comprehensive sexual health resources at Fempower Health. From pleasure advocacy to exploring sexuality to dealing with pain during intercourse, our guest experts cover it all to help you experience fulfillment.

Sexual Health

Explore the diverse aspects of sexual health from the Fempower Health Podcast. Discover insights on understanding your body's unique needs, embracing your own pleasure, and fostering sexual well-being.

Sex Facts

Let’s get the sex facts straight!
How Women Achieve Orgasm
  • 18.4% of women achieve orgasm via vaginal penetration alone

SOURCE:  Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy

Average Time it Takes to Orgasm
  • Men Orgasm in an average of  5.4 minutes

  • Women Orgasm During Masturbation in an average of  8 minutes

  • Women Orgasm During Sex in an average of 14 minutes

SOURCE:  Journal of Sex Medicine

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
  • 59% of women have

SOURCE:  Archives of Sexual Behavior

“The clitoris isn’t directly near the vaginal opening. You wouldn’t expect someone with a penis to be able to orgasm by rubbing next to their genitals, like on their thigh. So why do people expect those of us with clitorises to orgasm through penetration only?”

- Dr. Rachel Rubin

Expert Interviews

Embracing Sexual Health: Expert Insights & Empowering Conversations

Join the Fempower Health Podcast playlist dedicated to sexual health, featuring expert interviews, personal stories, and practical advice. Explore topics like intimacy, contraception, STIs, body positivity, women's sexual health products, and more. Empower yourself with knowledge, confidence, and healthier relationships. Tune in now and embark on a journey of sexual well-being and empowerment.

The Sexual Health Bookshop

Discover Fempower Health's empowering book recommendations on sexual and reproductive health, inspired by top picks. Learn about pleasure, communication, sexual identities, and more. Empower your sexual well-being and raise your voice on today’s matters of womens sexual wellness. Shop now!


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One of the best ways women can practice self-advocacy is to understand female sexual health. Learn all the juicy details and facts on the Fempower Health blog which includes expert interviews, research, and more.

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