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Breaking Taboos

Breaking Taboos

Delve into Fempower Health’s vital discussions on unaddressed women's health topics. Explore insights, tips, and shared experiences to navigate sensitive and taboo subjects. Let's break the silence and empower women together!

Taboo Topics in Women’s Health

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is nobody talking about this?” regarding women's health topics, you’re not alone! From sexual taboos to uncomfortable gender disparities, Fempower Health encourages you to learn, think critically, and talk openly about things you care about.

Inclusion of Women in Clinical Trials

Until 1993, women were largely underrepresented and often banned from clinical trials in the U.S.

The Fight for Menstrual Equity

22 million women currently lack access to menstrual products in America.

Gender Biases in Modern Healthcare

1 in 5 women have reported feeling like their symptoms were dismissed or even gaslighted during a medical visit.

“We know that when we come together we can create change. We know that more change is needed. We’ve seen what it’s like to have collective success. This issue is all about taking action together.”

- Jackie Rotman

Expert Interviews

Breaking Taboos: Candid Conversations on Women's Health.

Browse the Fempower Health Podcast playlist focused on controversial health topics often left unaddressed. We explore health inequities, ditching alcohol, women without kids, talking to your doctor, plus several controversial mental health topics. Through these essential yet difficult conversations, gain valuable insights, tips, and empowerment to navigate the sensitive areas of women's health. Tune in now and break the silence with courage and honesty.

The Breaking Taboos Bookshop

Description: Empower yourself with Fempower Health's trusted book recommendations on vital  taboo conversation topics: doctor-patient communication, black motherhood, childless women, sexual consent, menstrual health inequity, and more. Learn from women’s voices who are breaking the silence.


A Case for Cliteracy

by TEDx with Sophia Wallace


Women Have Been Woefully Neglected: Does Science Have a Gender Problem?

by The Guardian


Why is Women's Sexual Health so Understudied?

by PBS


The Dilemma of Desire

by Maria Finitzo


Breaking the Workplace Stigma of Periods and Women's Health

by Forbes



Explore the Fempower health blog for courageous conversations on topics such as health equity, intimacy justice, women without kids, medical gaslighting and more.

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