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Unveiling the hidden pain of endometriosis, which impacts 1 in 10 women. Explore Fempower Health’s empowering resources to learn about the symptoms, diagnosis, and proactive steps for managing this complex condition.

What is Endometriosis?

Affecting 7-10 million U.S. women today, endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus (endometrium) is found outside of the womb where it should not grow. Tissue growth can occur on surrounding organs such as the ovaries, bladder, or intestines. As the excess endometrial tissue responds to hormonal fluctuations in a woman's menstrual cycle, inflammation occurs. As a result, endometriosis can cause debilitating pain or even infertility.

Women with endometriosis often experience a decade-long delay in diagnosis. At this time, there is no known cause or cure. Endometriosis treatment can include lifestyle changes, medication, or surgery. Women’s health researchers are working hard to find better solutions and support for endometriosis.

The Lack of Research in Endometriosis (and Women's Health)

When calculating the cost-burden of disease relative to NIH research investment, diabetes is 331:1. It’s estimated that endometriosis is 13,000:1. Yet endometriosis impacts 1 in 10 US women! 

  —  Piraye Beim, Founder and CEO, Celmatix

Endometriosis Foundation of America 10th Annual Conference, 2019

“Endometriosis is like an iceberg. The pain is just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a whole list of underlying things that can contribute to it.”

- Dr. Peta Wright

Expert Interviews

Unveiling Endometriosis: Expert Insights. Explore the Fempower Health Podcast episodes on endometriosis, a condition 1 in 10 women face.

Listen to interviews with endometriosis experts covering symptoms, treatment options, and endometriosis stages not yet widely discussed. Hear from Georgie about her firsthand experience with endometriosis and infertility as she sheds light on the challenges of delayed diagnosis. Gain invaluable insights as you receive endometriosis support and learn empowering ways to become an #EndoWarrior.

The Chronic Conditions Bookshop

Empower yourself with Fempower Health's book recommendations for chronic conditions. Our expert selection covers endometriosis, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, PCOS, and more. Get answers to questions like, “Are there natural remedies for endometriosis?” and “How to support a loved one with endometriosis.”


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1 in 10 women struggle with endometriosis and many spend years struggling with period pain before finding a proper diagnosis. Learn the signs, treatment options, and emotional coping methods of endometriosis from these insightful Fempower Health blog posts.

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