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Trying to Conceive

We provide guidance with the aim of easing distress that comes to those who are struggling.  Whether just starting out or deep in your journey, we are here for you.

Know your Body
Awareness is key.  The woman's body is like musical instruments playing in unison, creating beautiful music.  Your brain and hormones work together to create specific signals indicating health and whether there are concerns.

What is your body telling you?
Definition of Infertility
When to Seek Treatment
In the absence of exigent history or physical findings, evaluation should, and treatment may be, initiated at 12 months in women under 35 years of age and at 6 months in women age 35 or older. In women over 40 more immediate evaluation and treatment may be warranted.
American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Committee Opinion
Prepare your Body
Ideally, it takes 90 days to optimize your body and ensure eggs are of highest quality.

What can you do?
Find a Docotor
Between the number of OB GYNs and over 400 fertility clinics around the US add to the fact that struggling to conceive is distressing, where do you begin?
There are several trusted resources to help you decide where to go.
Find Dr
Get a Workup
There are several tests that can be done to understand your 'fertile health.'

What do they test for?
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Financing Fertility Treatments
Not only is it overwhelming to learn you must undergo fertility treatments but you are also facing sticker shock.

Don't Wait

The greatest regret those who are struggling to conceive have is waiting too long to seek help.
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Check out Episodes Specific to Your Journey

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