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Supplements for Reproductive Health

Supplements for Women's Health

A woman’s reproductive health has to do with her entire body. In other words, whether you can or can’t get pregnant isn’t confined to your reproductive cycle and organs. Carrying a baby requires the perfect function of hormones, ovulation, your period and physical processes directly related to your fertility.

But your body doesn’t function in distinct, segmented ways. Every part of your body is interrelated and interconnected. This leads many women, and fertility specialists, to address infertility or failure to conceive with a full-scale, lifestyle audit.

Anyone who has diabetes or a thyroid issue can tell you that when one part of your body isn’t functioning properly, it negatively impacts your health in every way. Because as many as 15% of women experience infertility, launching an investigation into every facet of your health is essential to finding answers. One area many women pursue is taking supplements.

Can Supplements Help You Get Pregnant?

Doctors who specialize in women’s health have a variety of backgrounds and opinions about taking supplements. Supplements can provide an additional dose of vitamins that you may be deficient in or enhance the effects of vitamins you are already getting. Typically, herbal or other supplements aren’t endorsed by pharmaceutical companies and may lack verifiable research. Herbal supplements have less rigid regulations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and their use for the purpose of enhancing fertility may be unsubstantiated.

That said, there is significant anecdotal evidence from women who have pursued natural supplements in their efforts to conceive. These stories are overwhelmingly positive. Generally, these supplements have few side effects and are good for women’s health. With little risk, many women opt in for natural remedies in an attempt to boost their fertility. Let’s look at which supplements many women and men may use to enhance their fertility.

Supplements That May Support Fertility

Ashawagandha (Withania)

Used for: Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea, fatigue, perimenopause, thyroid disease.


Used for: PCOS, acne, digestive problems, SIBO.


Used for: protection from free radicals for both the egg and sperm.

Chaste tree berry or vitex

Used for: hormone balance, hirsutism, hypothalamic amenorrhea, high prolactin, PMS, breast pain

Coenzyme Q10

Used for: Perimenopause.


Used for: balancing hormones and producing estrogen, which should result in healthy eggs.

Fish Oil

Used for: period pain.

Used for: conception, to regulate ovulation and to increase progesterone.


Used for: Detoxification and immune support.


Used for: PMS, breast pain, uterine fibroids, heavy periods, ovarian cysts, perimenopause, and promotes healthy thyroid hormones that improve fertility.


Used for: PMS, heavy periods.


Used for: sperm