Three Tips for Single Mothers by Choice

by Laura Gately

Thousands of brave women have chosen to become a Single Mother by Choice (SMC), which is defined as“a single woman who decides to become a mother, knowing that she will be the sole parent of her child – at least at the outset,” according to the Single Mothers by Choice organization. While each of these women have their own reason for choosing this path, I can assure you each woman is brave and to be admired. I witnessed a dear friend who chose this path and the miracles that happened in her life since.

Given my experience with and observation of this group, I thought it helpful to share three tips for those of you who are considering or have also chosen this path. Let’s face it – it is a brave, but challenging journey.

Select the Right Clinic

The most common frustration Single Mothers by Choice express about clinics is constantly being asked “where their partner is.” As SMCs, you have a lot on your plate and as a result, need to surround yourself with all the positive and supportive things you can.