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Fempower Health minimizes endless Google searches and instead, directs you to the most relevant you need to know.  We increase body literacy so you know when your body is out of sync, and it is time to see a doctor. 

A woman's body is interconnected operating in a complex rhythm cycle to cycle, yet we are taught little about it outside of "women get periods " or "women get pregnant."

It is critical to understand the rhythm of our own body.  While there are foundational things every woman's body must do, the timing and intricacies that define normal for you varies. 

Track YOUR Body's Rhythm
Over 100 apps and devices exist to help you monitor the rhythm of your body.  It is important to use these to inform you and your doctor what your baseline is and to determine if there are changes over time.
Learn about how to select these apps and devices.

About your Vaginal Discharge

What is normal discharge?

It is perfectly normal to have a white, light, yellow discharge with a mild salty odor

When should you see your doctor?

If your discharge has a bad smell or you feel discomfort or itchy in your vagina, make an appointment with your OB GYN

What is that stuff filling my underwear and is very stretchy?

If you have copious amounts of this discharge and it is like egg whites, it is perfectly normal and likely a sign of peak fertility

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