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Living Through Ambiguous Grief | Stephanie Sarazin

What is ambiguous grief and how do people get through it? Listen as Stephanie Sarazin, author of Soul Broken, explores this important topic.

Grief is a normal part of life. But sometimes, we have to grieve the loss of a loved one who is still living, which isn’t as socially welcomed as the grief of physical death. In this episode, author Stephanie Sarazin joins Fempower Health to explore what she termed “ambiguous grief.”

We discuss the important lessons from her book, “Soul Broken: A Guidebook for Your Journey Through Ambiguous Grief,” including infidelity, divorce, coming to terms with grief, and the difference between false hope and acceptance.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Different types of grief and the social norms around them

  • How to comfort someone who is grieving

  • What is ambiguous grief and how do you get through it?

  • The dangers of misdirected hope

  • Finding recovery from the compounded stress of ambiguous grief

  • How do people recover from grief, let go, and live their lives?

  • Navigating grief and then paying it forward

“Recovery is a place where I’m living as my whole self, I’ve integrated my grief, and I’m okay.” - Stephanie Sarazin

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