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Caregiving for Others and Yourself: How to Cope With It All | Mim Senft

How does caregiving impact women’s health and well-being? Listen to Mim Senft explore the reality of this unpaid role, and what women can do to prepare and protect their health.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of unpaid caregiving was estimated at $450 billion per year. Now, it’s even more costly, especially as loved ones continue to work regular jobs and provide care for their adult loved ones. But unpaid caregiving can have severe impacts on health — particularly women’s health — including emotional, physical, financial, and mental.

In this episode, corporate benefits design specialist and co-founder of Motivity Care, Mim Senft, explores the complex issues that come with adult caregiving. We discuss the impacts of caregiving on women in a society that expects us to nurture and help for free. Mim also shares different types of caregiver role strain, the latest U.S. caregiver statistics, and the importance of caregiver self care.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Caregiving and its impact on productivity in the corporate world

  • How caregiving impacts women

  • How companies can successfully address the need for caregiving

  • Advocating for yourself while trying to survive

  • Why it’s so important to prioritize your health

  • The value in knowing your limits when caring for others

  • How women can prepare themselves for aging and care dependency

  • Caregiver support and practices that help you take care of yourself

  • What is Motivity Care and who needs it?

“As women, we cannot show up and be the leaders that the world needs us to be without protecting ourselves first. That’s just a reality.” - Mim Senft

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