Interview with Aimee Raupp: It's NOT Your Genetics, It's Your Lifestyle

Podcast (Transcript Below)


Georgie Kovacs, founder of Fempower Health, interviewed Aimee Raupp, MS LAc. Aimee is a best-selling author, acupuncturist and fertility expert.

Georgie: I was at a funeral of the reproductive endocrinologist who helped me get pregnant, Dr. Braverman. It was a sad day but I met one of your former patients who shared with me the Body Belief book and the transformation she experienced. I was sold. About a month after his funeral, I started using the things you discussed in that book and saw a transformation in myself. I realized that if I’m here trying to educate and empower women, I want to highlight all of the wonderful things that are in your book. Today we’re going to focus on epigenetics. Maybe we can start with the science of that.

Aimee: the conversation of epigenetics has been around for about 15 years. When I wrote my very first book called Chill Out and Get Healthy, it's the first time I had that conversation about epigenetics. Basically, it means that what we once thought about our genes being set in stone is not true. Just because we have a predisposition of a disease or a manifestation of something in our health doesn’t mean it has to show up. I was a research scientist before I became an acupuncturist. I was at UCSD planning to go to medical school there. They were mapping the human genome and it was a hot time for that. Everyone thought that process would give us the key to unlock treatment and resolve issues. They realized that wasn’t accurate. Instead, the conversation of epigenetics came up. How you live your life determines whether these genes turn on or off. You might have a predisposition towards, say breast cancer or endometriosis, but the choices you make (lifestyle choices like sleep, stress and nutrition) can impact whether these genes turn on or turn off.