Interview With Martha McKittrick on PCOS Nutrition

In celebration of PCOS Awareness Month, Martha McKittrick, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, shares her expertise on PCOS and how nutrition plays a role. Martha has had a special interest in PCOS since 2000, and can be considered one of the pioneers in the field. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals and has lectured across the country is on the Health Advisory Board for the PCOS challenge and advocates for PCOS annually on Capitol Hill. And be sure to look out for her book coming out in 2021. You will see that Martha is passionate about helping women take charge of their PCOS with a healthy diet and lifestyle and does not believe in a one size fits all plan. Please join me in welcoming Martha McKittrick.

Martha, welcome to the Fempower Health podcast. It's so nice to have you today.

Martha McKittrick 1:40

Thanks. I'm so excited to be here, Georgie.

Georgie Kovacs 1:43

So, we are here to talk about PCOS and you are quite the expert and we're really at the forefront of the PCOS discussion. So tell us your background and how you got into PCOS.

Martha McKittrick 1:55