Benefits of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: An Interview with Dr. Allyson Shrikhande


Full Transcript

Georgie: I’d love you to share your background.

Allyson: I am a rehabilitation doctor. Essentially what that means is we treat the muscles, joints and nerves of the pelvis. We typically take more a holistic approach when treating patients with chronic pelvic pain or pelvic muscle dysfunction.

Georgie: what inspired you to start this center?

Allyson: I was a final year resident and pregnant with my first daughter, Ava. I had significant issues and a challenging vaginal delivery. Postpartum I had pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, pain with intercourse, urinary urgency and frequency, a sensation of the UTI that would not go away. I went to my OBGYN at the six week check-up and everything was fine. I went back at 10 weeks and the ultrasound was okay so I was offered painkillers and no other solution. I found an excellent pelvic floor therapist who examined me, explained what was going on and really helped me get better. This field is undertreated and underdiagnosed and so, as I graduated from residency, I moved towards this specialty. I started at Cornell and then another private practice, growing and learning about this world. Then I co-founded Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine and we’re growing today in multiple cities across the country as we speak. Pretty exciting stuff!