Dr. Alyson McGregor: Sex Matters in Healthcare

Podcast (Transcript Below)


On this episode of the Fempower Health Podcast, founder Georgie Kovacs interviews Dr. Alyson McGregor. Alyson is a physician, researcher and writer. She is also the director for the Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine at Brown University. She has written over 70 peer-reviewed publications and is the lead editor for the textbook Sex and Gender in Acute Care Medicine. Her TEDx talk, “Why Medicine Often Has Dangerous Side Effects for Women” currently has over 1.6 million views and she has recently released a new book titled Sex Matters: How Male-Centric Medicine Endangers Women’s Health and What We Can Do About It.

Georgie Kovacs: tell us about your background.

Alyson McGregor: I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I always wanted to be a doctor. I don’t know why but it was something that was always inside me. I realized that it was a very challenging goal. I went through all the training, did medical school at Boston University and then a residency at Brown University in Emergency Medicine. I’ve stayed there as faculty ever since and I love it. It’s a very busy, level 1 trauma center and I get to see lots of patients with different conditions and it’s very fulfilling.

Georgie: tell us about how you got into having such a passion around women’s health and how that plays out in medical practices.