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Exploring How Hormonal Birth Control May Impact Women's Brains | Dr. Sarah E. Hill

Learn how hormonal birth control impacts women’s minds, bodies, and lives in this episode with research psychologist and author, Dr. Sarah E. Hill.

Dr. Sarah E. Hill, PhD is a research psychologist and expert in the effects of birth control on women’s lives. She is the author of the book, "This is Your Brain on Birth Control" and has dedicated her research to uncovering the science behind hormonal birth control and its potential impacts.

In this episode, Dr. Sarah E. Hill discusses the importance of understanding the science of birth control and its influence on choices women make, such as pursuing education, careers, and even romantic partners. She presents recent developments and research on birth control, including the approval of over-the-counter options and the potential effects of the Roe v. Wade overturn.

Listen as Dr. Sarah E. Hill shares her expertise and insights on the conversation surrounding birth control in our modern society, and how it relates to women’s health empowerment today.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The impacts of birth control on hormones and health

  • How hormones affect mood, behavior, and mental health in women

  • Can birth control affect attraction and partner choices?

  • Why individual women respond differently to birth control pills

  • The importance of women being aware of potential birth control side effects

  • Exploring the question: is birth control bad?

  • Sex education and birth control

  • Learning to self-monitor when starting or switching birth control methods

  • Access to birth control after Roe v. Wade overturned

  • The need for women’s health education on their hormones and other birth control alternatives

"The full extent to which birth control pills impact us isn't well understood, and we have been far too cavalier with our hormones. I can't help thinking that we would be a lot more careful with ourselves if we understood how we work and why we work that way." - Dr. Sarah E. Hill

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