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Ovaries, the Brain, and Aging: A Longevity Connection | Dr. Jennifer Garrison

What do ovaries have to do with longevity? Listen to this fascinating episode as researcher Dr. Jennifer Garrison explores the link between ovaries, the brain, and aging.

The ovaries play a key role in overall health, not just reproduction. More scientific findings are revealing that the ovaries even influence mood, behavior, and longevity. In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Garrison from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging explains the intricate relationship between the brain and reproductive organs. She covers topics including the science of aging, the “hypothalamus pituitary gonadal axis”, menopause and health, hormone replacement therapy, and the importance of understanding ovarian function.

Dr. Jennifer Garrison is a PhD scientist and the head of a research lab at the Buck Institute, an independent institute dedicated to studying aging as a risk factor for diseases. Listen as Dr. Garrison explores how age is the primary risk factor for most chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How the brain controls female physiology, including reproductive function

  • Early menopause and POI/POF

  • Menopause and how it relates to overall health

  • The fascinating story women’s ovaries can tell us about aging

  • Understanding hormones as messengers in the body

  • The impact of diet and exercise on aging and fertility

  • How understanding the aging process can help target and treat age-related diseases

  • Hormone replacement therapy for hormonal imbalances during aging

  • Physical and emotional symptoms associated with periods, motherhood, and menopause

"If we can understand the mechanisms that underlie aging— what's causing it, what's driving it— then we can use that knowledge to target age-related diseases." — Dr. Jennifer Garrison

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