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Reframing Menopause: Stages of Life Women Can Embrace and Enjoy | Ann Garnier

Menopause is a dreaded topic by many women. But what if women embraced menopause stages and took charge of this life phase? Ann Garnier of Midday Health shares how it’s possible.

Menopause is a life stage for women, not a condition to endure. In this episode, we dispel some of the myths and common negative attitudes about entering menopause. Ann Garnier, CEO of Lisa Health and co-founder of menopause tracking app Midday Health, shares her insight.

Ann explains how post-menopausal women can take care of their bodies and embrace this stage of life. She talks about health technology, menopause and sex drive, sleep hygiene, nutrition, and the benefits of tracking your symptoms for body awareness and health advocacy.

Discussed in this episode:

  • What is menopause?

  • What resources are available today for menopausal women?

  • How menopausal women can find products that are regulated

  • Sleep hygiene and menopause

  • How diet, nutrition, and sugar intake impact women during menopause

  • The benefit of tracking your menopause symptoms

  • Menopausal treatment and hormone therapy

  • Answers to the top 5 questions women ask about menopause

“I think it’s important for us to flip the perception of menopause from a doom-and-gloom, negative thing to one where women feel this is a really celebratory time in their lives.” - Ann Garnier

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