The Optimal Way to Treat Hormone Imbalance


Georgie Kovacs  

Hi, Georgie here. In today's episode, I interviewed Dr. Jacqueline Tolentino, of Parsley Health. She specializes in hormone optimization. The reason I wanted to speak with her is, as you all know from the podcast, having hormones balanced is extremely critical because when they're not in balance, we deal with a lot of frustrating and often debilitating symptoms and conditions. 

I really wanted to get to the bottom of how a woman, if she's suffering from specific symptoms, or has a condition that's been diagnosed, but it's really difficult to treat, how does she approach a clinician to be successfully treated, whether it's the symptoms, the condition, or both. This episode evolved in such a special way, and I'm really excited to share it with each of you. 

Before we dive in a couple of announcements: