Nina Boyce on Hormone Health: Why it Matters and How to Balance Your Hormones

Podcast (Transcript Below)


Nina Boyce is a certified fertility coach who helps women get to the root of health symptoms and unlock wellness. Her work is a powerful illustration of how the right testing methods and investigation can uncover underlying health conditions and release women into better states of being, mentally and physically.

Georgie: before we dive in, give us your background and what you focus on.

Nina: I got into this work through my own struggles. It actually started with chronic anxiety. I noticed that my periods became an issue. I was spotting, having inconsistent periods and cystic acne. I went to see my doctor, like everybody does, and all of the bloodwork came out fine. He wanted to put me on anxiety meds. I went to my gynecologist and she wanted me to go back on birth control. At that point in my life, I just didn’t want to do that. If everything was okay before, what happened? I wanted to get to the root of these symptoms and what was going on. That’s when I wanted to dive into more of the holistic way of doing things. Slowly but surely I started to feel better. I dove headfirst into all of it, eventually getting my health coach certificate. Now, I focus my work on helping women transition off of birth control, optimize fertility and balance hormones. I’m also a reiki practitioner so I do the energy work as well.

Georgie: a lot of women throw around the phrase, “I’m hormonal,” but then when they start trying to conceive they dive into a better understanding of what the different hormones are. Because that’s our focus today, could you educate us on how hormones work in the female body and what the impact of a hormonal imbalance could be?