A Possible Answer for Unexplained Infertility? An Interview about ReceptivaDx

Chris Jackson, CEO and Founder of CiceroDx, maker of the ReceptivaDx test, has been in diagnostic lab testing for over 30 years focusing on health care sales and marketing. Mr. Jackson has launched over 35 products during his career, with the majority in the field of women’s health & reproductive medicine.


Chris Jackson  02:15

Right now what we're doing is helping women understand the potential of what unexplained infertility means.  That shouldn't be a diagnosis. It's just a label given to someone where people are giving up and they don't know what to tell them, they run out of answers. And so what ReceptivaDx does is provide answers that are different from everything else that they're getting. And it's pointing towards the uterine lining and the information it might be able to provide as to why these people aren't getting pregnant. What we're picking up is very mild or asymptomatic endometriosis, which no one was thinking about, that could be impacting their ability to get pregnant, or stay pregnant. So the test is done when they would normally be trying to conceive, they would send it to our laboratory, they get results back in about four or five days. And then that information can be used by the doctor if it's positive to treat this person and give them a new pathway to pregnancy that they never thought would happen for them.