Uterine Fibroids: An Interview with a Minimally Invasive Surgeon

Dr. Jessica Opoku-Anane is a gynecologist who specializes in the minimally invasive treatment of fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, intrauterine scarring (Asherman's syndrome), pelvic organ prolapse and ovarian pathology.

Opoku-Anane's research interests include making gynecologic surgery safer and improving treatments for endometriosis and fibroids.


Georgie Kovacs  00:05

Hi, Georgie, here with the Fempower Health Podcast. In today's episode, I interviewed Dr. Jessica Opoku-Anane at the University of California in San Francisco. She is a minimally invasive gynecological surgeon and we focus on uterine fibroids. 

During our conversation, we actually started talking about broader women's health topics. And she shared such a wealth of experience that I think all women need to hear. So I've separated out that conversation into a separate episode that I'll be publishing later.