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Unlocking Vaginal Health: Exploring the Science of the Vaginal Microbiome | Vaginal Biome Science

What should you know about your vaginal microbiome? To many women, this concept is new. Listen to this episode with Dr. DuPriest for an informative introduction where we cover lube, probiotics, BV, and more.

The gut microbiome has been a hot topic in science over the years. But what does science know about the vaginal microbiome and its effect on women’s health?

In this episode, Dr. Beth DuPriest joins us to share the emerging findings on the vaginal microbiome. We discuss everything from vagina probiotics to estrogen and lube to vaginal steaming. Whether you want to know what lube is best for women or you’re curious about everyday vaginal care, this episode is for you.

Dr. DuPriest is the Chief Science Officer at Vaginal Biome Science which facilitates a collaborative working environment to advance the work and discovery of the vaginal microbiome. DuPriest is a former Professor of Biology and Division Dean at Warner Pacific University. She has been involved in research related to the developmental origins of health and disease for over twenty years, with an extensive background in women’s health and biological sciences.

Discussed in this episode:

  • What is the vaginal microbiome?

  • How the vagina changes over a woman’s lifetime

  • Probiotics for vaginal health

  • How to keep your vagina healthy

  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and the top do’s and don’ts

  • How lube can impact vaginal health (and ingredients to avoid)

  • The differences between regular lube, natural lube, and fertility lubricant

  • Vaginal douching: is it good or bad?

  • How should the vagina smell when it’s healthy?

  • Choosing to care for your vagina while science changes

“Paying attention to what your philosophy of healthcare is, and finding a practitioner who works with you… is important. Paying attention to what your body is telling you, in spite of your philosophy, is also important.” - Dr. Beth DuPriest

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