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Wearable Oral Sex Protection: MyLorals Empowering You to Say Yes | Melanie Cristol

MyLorals are wearable latex underwear that provide oral sex protection similar to dental damns. In this episode, MyLorals founder Melanie Cristol talks about pleasure and safe oral sex.

In this episode, we talk with Melanie Cristol about satisfying, safe oral sex for women. Melanie Cristol is a peer sex educator and founder of MyLorals, a sexual wellness brand that makes latex undies for oral sex protection.

MyLorals are the first FDA-cleared underwear item on the market. These wearable, hassle-free alternatives to dental dams allow people of all genders to experience oral pleasure while minimizing the risk of STIs.

Melanie shares her story about creating wearable sexual wellness products, and how latex undies encourage protection, pleasure, and comfort— especially for people with vulvas. She talks about ways to bring up safer oral sex in the bedroom, and what it’s like to advertise a sex product online.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The story of how MyLorals was created

  • The many benefits of oral sex for women

  • All the ways latex underwear can be used for sexual enjoyment and protection

  • Different types of safe sex products that exist today

  • The difference between FDA approval vs FDA clearance for sex products

  • Challenges and solutions when advertising sexual wellness products online

  • Ways to introduce Lorals into the bedroom

  • Benefits of Lorals compared to other oral sex protection tools

“I truly believe oral sex can increase people’s moods, their self-esteem, and their happiness. Oral sex is 3x more likely to lead a woman to have an orgasm. To me, that’s an amazing thing.” - Melanie Cristol

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