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Content Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Be sure to write in the tone appropriate for the Fempower Health audience, which includes women 25-54 seeking answers to their health questions and are typically strugging to find those answers.

  • Articles should be over 1,000 words. Longer articles with a word count of over 1,500+ rank far better than lower word count articles and will drive more viewers to your website and produce more leads.

  • Articles must be unique and not be published on any other website, forum, chat, or social media network.

  • Cite your sources - this includes quotes, research, and photos.

  • Submissions from commercial entities should contain zero mention of your business. By creating educational content, users will see you as a trusted source and will contact you directly if they like what they read.) If you include a link to your website or business, we will make it a “no-follow” link. But we will include your website and social media on your author bio if you are a regular writer with us.

  • Articles must include sub-headers between every 3 to 7 paragraphs.

  • Include photos and videos as those are shared and viewed more.  It also breaks up the text so it’s easier to read.

  • Do not include affiliate links.

  • Incomplete profiles will not be accepted.  The Fempower Health team will have discretion on who gets approved. We are looking for strong, original content that does not appear on any external blog.

  • Please be sure to check your grammar and spelling.

  • Submit a short bio (up to 150 words).​

  • Provide a list of keywords for us to put in on the back end.

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