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Discover expert insights on pain management. Fempower Health explores strategies for PMDD, Endometriosis, and other causes of pain from leading specialists.

Of the people who experience chronic pain today, about 70% are women.

Although most pain studies are conducted on males, research on gender differences reveals that women’s experiences with pain can be more intense. Biology and hormones may play a role. However, the rate at which women receive treatment and pain management care is also more delayed.

On average, women wait 65 minutes before receiving pain relief medication for acute abdominal pain during an ER visit. Men, on the other hand, wait an average of only 49 minutes. Women are 7x more likely than men to be discharged with a misdiagnosis when experiencing cardiac arrest.

Women’s experiences when addressing pain — both acute and chronic — differ from men’s in today’s medical system. The need for gender-specific care is significant.

SOURCE: Harvard Health Publishing

“Just because someone cannot reproduce your pain doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just means that the reproducible pain has a very specific mechanism.”

- Dr. Melissa Farmer, Aivo Health

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Conquering Pain: Expert Insights & Empowering Solutions

Dive into the Fempower Health Podcast playlist dedicated to pain management for women, featuring expert interviews, patient success stories, and effective strategies. Learn about common issues such as chronic pain, migraines, period pain, talking about pain, and working with a pain management doctor. Empower yourself with knowledge, self-care practices, and resilience. Tune in now and reclaim your life from pain with confidence.

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Read empowering insights on pain at Fempower Health's blog. Topics include chronic pain conditions, endometriosis, PMDD, pain during sex, and more.

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