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Chronic Pelvic Pain: Is it Endometriosis? | Dr. Peta Wright & Dr. Thea Bowler

Chronic pelvic pain affects nearly 20% of women today. Listen as two women’s health specialists discuss endometriosis, chronic pain, and what you can do to find treatment.

Chronic pelvic pain affects nearly 20% of women today. Unfortunately, it often goes undiagnosed — or gets assumed as endometriosis. If you or a woman you know struggles with pelvic pain and painful periods, this episode is for you.

Dr. Peta Wright and Dr. Thea Bowler, gynecologists at Vera Women’s Wellness, join us to discuss pelvic pain. As two specialists on endometriosis, fertility, and women’s health, they bring a whole-body perspective to female pelvic pain. They talk about the difficulties of pelvic pain, the nervous system, endometriosis surgery, research in women’s health, and what can cause pelvic pain in a woman.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Is endometriosis always the cause of pelvic pain in women?

  • The different types of endometriosis

  • Early intervention for chronic pelvic pain

  • The autonomic nervous system and pain pathways

  • Living in a world that doesn’t make room for women’s periods

  • What someone can do if they have pelvic pain or other endometriosis symptoms

  • Do women with severe endometriosis pain always need surgery?

  • Current research on endometriosis and pain

“It’s possible to have severe endometriosis but no pain, and it’s possible to have no endometriosis but severe pain. So there’s such a bigger picture we need to deal with.” - Dr. Peta Wright

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