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Your Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel | Ashley Bernardi

Many of us never learned how to effectively process our feelings. Listen as Ashley Bernardi shares how to step into your authentic power and feel your feelings to heal.

What does it mean to live in your authentic power? In this episode, Fempower Health interviews Ashely Bernardi, author of Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel. We discuss what it means to live authentically, how to overcome dark phases of life, and the importance of processing uncomfortable feelings in order to heal.

Ashley Bernardi is the founder of Nardi Media, a media relations firm that supports brands, corporations, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. She has a journalism background with CBS News and has a passion for research and publication. Ashley hosts the award-winning podcast, 2 Girls Talking, and helps women find their authentic power in life.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Ashley’s story of loss, illness, and coming to realize her authentic power

  • Changes that happen when you begin to express your authentic self

  • What does it mean to rest and do nothing?

  • Where do you feel emotions in your body?

  • How to feel your emotions using The Feel Framework

  • Mental health impacts of chronic disease and physical illness

  • Ashley’s experience with late-stage Lyme Disease

  • What you can do to advocate for yourself

“Get curious about your inner voice. It’s your authentic power— that inner wisdom and inner knowing that you have access to.” - Ashley Bernardi

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