4 Steps to Finding the right Fertility Clinic for You

Struggling to conceive is a frustrating, scary, overwhelming, and often isolating experience. Finding the right Reproductive Endocrinologist (REI) is an important step to ensuring you have proper care to optimize your success. However, how do you even begin to find one?

Many rely on online support groups and friends for referrals. While these are helpful, one thing to keep in mind is a positive review tends to come when someone has had success and a negative review tends to occur when one did not have success. Thus, it is important to dig into why a given clinic is or is not recommended using this route.

The good news is there are great resources available to be an adjunct to using word-of-mouth. What’s important to understand is finding a good clinic and understanding the cost implications go hand-in-hand, especially if you are limited on funds.

1. Check your insurance provider’s coverage

If coverage for services is important to your budget, check with your insurance carrier to determine which specialists in your area are covered. It is also important to understand what is covered in case you need to do a cost comparison of clinics. For example, fertility treatments involve diagnostic testing, routine blood work and ultrasound, IVF or IUI. Additionally, if you freeze eggs or embryos (and ultimately do a frozen embryo transfer), decide to do ICSI or PGT-A testing, those would be added costs that may or may not be covered.

2. Understand what other patients’ experience has been with a given REI

At Fertility IQ, you can search for a doctor reviewed by previous patients’ experiences. With 35,000 patien