Five Tips to Support Your Fertility you Won't Find on Dr Google

1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility yet answers can be hard to find. In the past decade, those struggling have opened up, companies are developing innovative products and solutions. However, we've transitioned into so much information, it is challenging to know where to begin. Dr Aumatma, a double board-certified Naturopathic Doctor & Endocrinologist specializing in fertility, speaks about the 5 things you won't find on Dr Google but that will help you on your fertility journey.

Georgie Kovacs: Before we speak about the five tips, what are main lessons for those struggling with infertility based on the patients you have seen?

Dr. Aumatma: Fertility is not just a female issue, it is equally the partner and we want to test and know everything about both people. If you're a single mother by choice, that is different. But if you have a partner, your partner needs to participate in this journey and be at least empowered with knowing what's happening. This is so even if his sperm are great, he's showing up to the appointments, and doing his part in supporting both of you to create this family together.

There have been many clients over the years who think the partner sperm is fine and he is not into the “natural stuff” so I should only work with her. I don’t do that because that just tells me the partners are not on the same page.