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Empowering OCD Recovery: Insights & Treatments for OCD | Catherine Goldhouse

OCD is one of the top 10 most disabling disorders. Gain understanding from anxiety & OCD specialist Catherine Goldhouse as she explores the best treatments for OCD.

In this episode, psychotherapist Catherine Goldhouse sheds light on the often misunderstood condition of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Catherine explains the goals of different treatments for OCD, with a focus on exposure and response prevention (ERP) and inference-based cognitive behavioral therapy (ICBT). Catherine provides compelling examples to illustrate these OCD treatments, emphasizing the importance of living a meaningful life despite anxiety and fear.

Learn about the common misconceptions surrounding OCD, the challenges faced by individuals seeking appropriate treatment, and the importance of specialized training in the field. Explore the less-often-discussed reality of postpartum OCD, and help increase awareness, understanding, and support for new mothers experiencing these symptoms.

Catherine Goldhouse is an OCD specialist, offering support to individuals who experience intrusive thoughts and fears related to their relationships, morality, and safety. She is particularly passionate about raising awareness of postpartum OCD and advocating for proper training for pediatricians to offer appropriate care for new mothers who develop this condition.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How OCD therapy works

  • Comparing ICBT and ERP for OCD

  • Differences between anxiety, OCD, and phobias

  • Various types of OCD including harm OCD, relationship OCD, and sexual orientation OCD

  • Recognizing that individuals with OCD are often kind and sensitive

  • The importance of finding a supportive community for those who have OCD

  • Common onsets of OCD

  • Postpartum OCD

  • What loved ones can do to help, but not enable, OCD individuals

“OCD is considered one of the top ten most debilitating disorders. So it's no joke, right? If you like to color-code things or you like things neat in your house, that's not OCD… Making comments like that, even though they're not meant to be cruel, are problematic." - Catherine Goldhouse

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