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Living With ADHD in the Modern World | Dr. Tamara Rosier

What’s it like living with ADHD in today’s world? Dr. Tamara Rosier, ADHD coach, author, and founder of ADHD Center of West Michigan, shares valuable resources and information.

ADHD is often misunderstood, even in the medical field today. In this episode, Dr. Tamara Rosier, ADHD coach of over 10 years and founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, helps answer the question: can you live a normal life with ADHD?

Dr. Rosier shares her experience as a woman with ADHD. She explores different ADHD types, practical lifestyle tips that often help regulate ADHD symptoms, and when someone might want to seek medical attention for symptoms in today’s modern world.

After more than a decade of providing ADHD coaching to others and living a neurodivergent life herself, Dr. Tamara Rosier published one of the top-rated books for ADHD called Your Brain’s Not Broken. Listen to this episode to hear her share many important insights about ADHD that aren’t often talked about.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Dr. Rosier’s experience with adult ADHD

  • What understanding do we really have about ADHD in the medical world?

  • Interesting themes that research reveals on the neurotypical brain vs ADHD brain

  • Considerations about ADHD medication

  • Is ADHD genetic?

  • Understanding and living with someone who has ADHD

  • The role of sleep and nutrition for the ADHD brain

  • Tips for living with ADHD on a daily basis

  • Demystifying the term “adult onset ADHD”

  • When to seek medical attention and treatment for ADHD symptoms

“Women with ADHD tend to over-function and mask their sensitivity. It’s really difficult to get the respect we need.” - Dr. Tamara Rosier

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