Optimizing Your Fertility: An Interview With Sarah Clark from FabFertile

Podcast (Transcript Below)


On this episode of the Fempower Health podcast, Fempower Health founder Georgie Kovacs interviews Sarah Clark. Sarah is the founder of FabFertile, author of Fabulously Fertile: Supercharge Your Fertility Naturally, and host of the Get Pregnant Naturally podcast. She has supported hundreds of women on their fertility and health journeys.

Georgie: tell us about yourself.

Sarah: I have my own journey with infertility. In my early twenties I was having irregular cycles, maybe a couple of times a year. I started getting acne. I had a weird fungal rash on my chest and yeast infections. I didn’t realize at the time those were connected to fertility. I went straight to my doctor and was put on the pill, which was a bandaid.

I had a life plan to get married at 25 and have kids at 28. When I came off the pill at 28, my cycles were still irregular. I went to see my OB GYN and was told I had premature ovary failure. She gave me an IVF brochure. I didn’t even get a second opinion but went straight to the fertility clinic and got on a list for a donor egg. On our first transfer, I had our daughter who is about to turn 19.