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What Pain Science Reveals About the Brain and Body | Dr. Melissa Farmer

Chronic pain affects more than 20% of the population. Learn some of the most critical findings in pain science from researcher and Aivo Health co-founder, Dr. Melissa Farmer.

In the United States alone, more than 20% of adults experience chronic pain (CDC, 2020). Globally, it’s one of the top reasons adults seek medical care today, and many patients try several chronic pain relief methods in desperate search of a solution. Why is pain so prevalent among adults and how can we cope?

In this episode of Fempower Health, Dr. Melissa Farmer, a chronic pain researcher and entrepreneur, dives deep into all things pain research and management. She shares fascinating findings on the nervous system and pain, explains the effects of chronic pain on mental health, and addresses common emotional struggles associated with perceived pain.

Dr. Farmer co-founded Aivo Health, which is an innovative mind-body technology that supports an individual’s chronic or acute pain care plan. Aivo Health makes the latest neuroscience and pain research applications accessible. Dr. Melissa Farmer and her work with Aivo Health offer new insights into the reality of living with pain, and bring relief, solutions, and new experiences to people in need of pain management.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The basic neuroscience of pain

  • Dr. Melissa Farmer’s personal experience with chronic pain and how it influenced her work

  • What are the four stages of pain?

  • How to prevent chronic pain in the acute stage

  • Why soothing the nervous system is so important when treating pain

  • The relationship between chronic pain and mental health

  • How Aivo Health works

  • Perceived pain vs objectively reproduced pain

“Just because someone cannot reproduce your pain doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just means that the reproducible pain has a very specific mechanism.” - Dr. Melissa Farmer

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